Organza Natural & Organic Market is Manitoba's choice
for organic, seasonal and natural foods and products.

About Organza

Who We Are

In 2005, Manitoba's first full sized all natural and organic grocery store opened at 230 Osborne Street in Winnipeg. Organza Natural & Organic Market is a 7,000 square foot store featuring produce, dairy, bulk foods, a bakery, frozen foods, fresh meat, pet foods, cleaning supplies and an extensive array of grocery items. Organza also boasts a comprehensive Health + Beauty section and unique giftware.

Organza Market is founded by Gerry Dickson and managed by Zyg Iskierski.

Our History

Organza Foods opened its doors in 1999 with two locations: 644 Corydon Ave. and 877 Westminster Ave. Juice bars commercial kitchens were added to prepare deli items and the spaces saw increasing traffic over the next few years. With a growing demand for natural and organic products came the need to increase store space. In 2005, the company became Organza Natural & Organic Market and moved to its current location at 230 Osborne St.

Our Philosophy

"We believe that Organza Market's ability to meet today's growing desire for organically produced foods and environmentally responsible products will continue to assure our position as a leader in Winnipeg's specialty grocery market. It is our promise to our customers to always continue to grow our customer service, offerings and expertise in the expectation of setting the benchmark to which all others in western Canada will be measured."
—Gerry Dickson, Founder